Make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

You make an appointment by:

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic all GP appointments will have an initial contact by telephone. If the GP feels that a face to face assessment is required they will book an appointment for you to come into the surgery.

Nurse and HCA appointments will be face to face unless you are informed it is a telephone appointment. If you have a face to face appointment booked and have a fever, new persistent cough or loss of taste or smell please do not attend the appointment and inform the surgery.

You have a right to express a preference of practitioner and we will do our best to give you an appointment with the Doctor of your choice. Should your preferred Doctor not have a free appointment you will be offered an appointment with one of the other GPs in the practice.

For ongoing routine complaints you will be offered an appointment within 4 weeks. If your problem is more urgent you will be placed on the duty doctor list for that day. Our reception team are trained to ask questions that will help get you the right appointment. The duty doctor will assess the cases and those in need of a call that day will be called. In some cases the duty doctor may advise that a routine call is appropriate and you will be contacted by one of the reception team to book an appointment.

At times the doctor may request photographs of your complaint to support in their clinical decision making. If this is required you will be asked to send photos using a secure link. You may also be offered a video consultation with the doctor using a secure link.

You will never be refused to see a Doctor if one is available. If you no longer need your appointment please let us know.

Please remember that appointments are for one person only. If you feel your consultation may be lengthy, ask the Receptionist for a double appointment when you book.

Stroud Improved Access

Providing Healthcare for the Stroud Area

The GPs of the Stroud Area have been offered an opportunity to take part in a project to improve patient access to primary care services for the residents of Stroud and surrounding areas. Extra GP and Practice Nurse clinics will be held during normal hours, and additional appointments will also be available between 18:30 and 20:00 every weekday evening and on Saturday mornings. Patients registered within the Severn  Health Network will be able to have an appointment at these extra clinics.

This is an exciting project and involves 7 GP surgeries in the Severn Health Network working together for the benefit of their patients. This project will be closely monitored on how it is performing, and whether we, as a primary care community, are delivering the care required to meet the healthcare needs of the Stroud Area.

Stroud Improved Access GP Surgeries

  • Frampton Surgery
  • High Street Medical Centre
  • Locking Hill Surgery
  • Price’s Mill Surgery
  • Regent Street Surgery
  • Stonehouse Clinic
  • Stroud Valleys Family Practice

Improved Access to GP Appointments

Our aim is to make it easier and more convenient for patients to see a GP by providing more appointments at certain surgeries across the Stroud area. These will be known as Improved Access Appointments. Patients can book to be seen regardless of which Surgery they are registered at. These appointments can only be offered to patients registered with one of the Stroud Improved Access Surgeries.

All appointments need to be pre-booked, either in advance or on the day.

This is not a walk in service and does not replace the service provided by our local Minor Injuries Unit or Accident and Emergency.

Who Can Be Seen at an Improved Access Clinic

These appointments are for anyone with a new problem, such as tonsillitis or an ear infection, or with a long-term condition that has become worse, e.g., a chest/respiratory condition that has become worse and needs treating urgently.

If you have already seen your own GP about a problem, or you have a long-term condition and are currently receiving treatment, it may be more appropriate for you to see your own GP who already knows about your condition and any tests/treatments you have received. Your Surgery staff will be able to advise when you book.

Consent to Access Your Medical Record

To treat you appropriately, the GP you see will need access to your medical record and you will be asked for your consent to this when booking. When you arrive for your appointment, you will again be asked for consent to your record being accessed. If you have changed your mind and do not give your consent, then we will not be able to see you and you will need to re-book to be seen at your own Surgery.

Attending for Your Improved Access Appointment

The Improved Access clinics are staffed by Stroud area GPs, but it is very unlikely you will see your own GP. It would be very helpful if you could bring with you a list of any medication you take, and for you to have a clear idea of your current problem. It may help to write your concerns down beforehand. Full details of of your consultation will be added to your medical record and your own GP will be able to see this.

Please arrive on time or a little early for your appointment. If you are late you will not be seen.

Further Investigations

Following your consultation, if you need to have further investigations such as blood tests or x-rays, or you need to be referred to a Specialist at the Hospital, this will be done and your usual GP will be aware of the referral.

If you need to take medication for your condition, such as antibiotics, you will be given a paper prescription which you can then take to any Pharmacy to be fulfilled.

After your Appointment

If you have any further concerns or feel you need to be seen again, you should contact your own GP Surgery. Your first point of contact should always be your own GP Surgery who will be able to help you.


If you need to make a complaint about the Stroud Improved Access service please do so by contacting your usual Surgery who will advise you of their complaints procedure.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

You can cancel your appointment in any of the following ways: