Urgent Prescription Service Update, March 2020

At this time we are very busy with high demand for prescriptions.  Please help the surgery run efficiently by following these guidelines:

  • Please do not order your repeat medication early or attempt to double the quantity. Over-ordering will jeopardise the service and may cause supply problems if the Covid situation continues.
  • To reduce footfall to the surgery(and the spread of the virus) we are no longer taking prescription requests face to face. Please do not come to the surgery to order your repeat medications.
  • Repeat prescription requests can be made by phone on 01452 740213 between 12:00 and 14:00.
  • If you wish to order by post or drop a printed request slip in to the surgery, please use the new external prescription order box now fixed to the wall by the front entrance.
  • If you do not have a printed request slip, please write your name, contact number and the items you require on a piece of paper and either post it or place it in the external prescription order box.
  • If you are set up for online access to your records, please note that you can alternatively order prescriptions this way.
  • For dispensing patients, please allow 4 working days for your prescription to be available at this busy time. Do not attend the surgery unless you know that your prescription is ready by calling the surgery first.
  • For dispensing patients, please note that since March 2020 a new process for collecting prescriptions has been in place. You will be advised of this by phone when you call to confirm that your prescription is ready for collection.